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Jenga, a classic game for young and old. This game requires more than just a steady hand. Thanks to the 10 green tiles, the game really gets going! On them are engraved tasks that the player who draws them has to do additionally. Thanks to the special colour, the blocks are also not dangerous for children who put them in their mouths. The design promises easy handling and impresses with untreated wood from the Engadine. 

This Jenga was created in collaboration with the Engadiner Lehrwerkstatt für Schreiner (Engadine training workshop for carpenters). Not only the design of the new packaging ensures a smooth process, but also the millimetre-precise execution of the carpenters. 

Engraved tasks are hidden on the green blocks, which make this game even more exciting and difficult. A true craftsmanship in execution, combined with a high fun factor. A perfect gift for young and old! 

Starting with a sketch, the final product develops little by little. A technical drawing with all the details down to the millimetre is then given to the carpenters. The decorative and unique slider captivates with its laser-cut pattern. I was inspired by the tree trunks and branches in the forest. 

"Top of the Wood" stands for the Swiss stone pine, which lives on the uppermost seam in the forests. 

Image by Valery Fedotov

A game for young and old

...with special tasks




Image by Valery Fedotov

"Take the next stone in 10 seconds!"

"Remove the next stone with closed eyes!"

"Throw a stone into the tower without causing it to fall over!"



B 10cm  x L 10cm  x H 33cm

Engadine stone pine wood combined with larch.

For questions, orders or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me !

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