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Triangul was created in a collaboration with the IBW School of Design. In a block week, we students designed, drew, cut and finally welded the Triangul grill into its distinctive shape with the help of a welder. "Triangul" means triangle in Romanisch. The shape captivates through its continuity and its play in space. From all sides there is a variation of corners and edges. On the shelf, thanks to the triangle converging at the bottom, you can reach different heat levels and thus control the cooking stages wonderfully. The outside is colder and the inside warmer. We chose iron as the material. Iron can withstand any weather. Even in winter, with snow and frost, the barbecue can stay outside without any problems. The good heat conductivity of iron is also decisive. Iron, for example, has about three times the density of aluminium. This results in a thermal conductivity of about one third. The Triangul grill is not only a design feast in your garden, it will also provide you with an aesthetic and practical grill for all your barbecue evenings.


B 100cm  x L 100cm  x H 80cm / Material:

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