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lääs gläs Kopie_edited.png

The glasses "Lääs Gläs" is a customized, 3D drawn and then 3D printed glasses. First, I used sketches to design a shape according to my wishes. Then I measured the face and imported the images in frontal and side view into the 3D program Rhino to build up the lines and shapes step by step. Finally, the 3D file was sent to a manufacture, who carefully printed it using a new type of 3D printer. 

Finally, the lens was inserted into the prepared recess by an optician with the necessary correction. 

3D printed glasses  
- Swiss Eyewear Design

Image by Nathan Dumlao

DO they fit you?

lääs gläs Kopie_edited.png

WOULD YOU also like to have a pair of glasses customised for you?

For questions, orders or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me !

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