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Alles, was du brauchst



Three-dimensionality in prototyping 


The special thing about modeling and prototyping is the three-dimensionality. In the creative work with different materials spatially perceptible details arise, which cannot be perceived on drawings. Whether with clay, plastiline, plasticine, metal or to form negatives ... It helps to look the product from all sides and to recognize material values. 

Hand renderings


Visualizing the product idea with the marker


Designing a product requires not only ideas, but also many sketches. Before you know exactly how the product should look, you make countless quick sketches. Then we have to add color and materiality to the sketch. 


An easier and faster method than visualizing with a computer is hand rendering. By using colored markers and imitating materials, you can quickly get a feel for how the final product should look. With Copic markers you can quickly visualize light, shadow and materiality. 




Photo-accurate drawing


Sketching is part of product design. Unlike here, sketching is done with quick strokes. 


Sometimes, however, it doesn't even take color to give an object a material. In ornamental drawing we learned how to emphasize shadows, light and materiality with only one tool. This technique needs a lot of patience and a steady hand. Mostly it is done with pencil, but also red chalk, charcoal or watercolor are used.



Recognize shapes


Drawing the nude means observing. Nude drawing is the pictorial representation of the naked human body. As a model we had a living model. It serves as an exercise for proportion studies, to get to know the proportions and the anatomy of the human form and to realize it artistically. The parts of the body are considered in their structure, function and spatial extent. 


shape construction


the search for balance


Drawings with geometric shapes always inspire me. As in photography, in the composition of the picture, attention is paid to the fact that forms are balanced in their size and their color and an overall balance is created. The construction of forms also always reminds me of cubism. It can be executed 2 dimensiional as well as 3 dimensional.

free painting


let yourself go


In my work I often have to imitate objects, measure distances or draw technically. In my spare time I paint therefore like to intuition and feeling. Freely shaken from the arm I try to take my personal mood into my picture. It serves me like a therapy. Let out everything that binds or distracts. The love of color often comes to geltung. 


For questions, orders or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me !

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