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Brochures are used as image brochures, product information, operating instructions, advertising brochures and much more. Brochures can thus contribute with a suitable design especially to the sales success of the products, appeal to a particular target audience or follow a style is important. I work with InDesign and Photoshop. I pay attention to the format, the type area as well as the font (size, type, typography) for printed products. In addition, I try to let the white space play and the relationship text and image to consider.

print advertising


The purpose of advertising is to make products and services known or to maintain the image of companies, products and services. There are different types of advertising. We see advertising on television, we hear it on the radio, or we see a lettered car drive by. Outdoor advertisements such as billboards, shop windows, printed vehicles, etc. are very efficient. However, print advertising in newspaper or on magazines also work well. In addition, social media is coming up more and more.

Flyers are a powerful, efficient and cost-effective advertising tool. With flyers, you have a very good opportunity to advertise targeted, successful and cheap.  

plakat hoho.jpg

billboard advertising


The purpose of billboard advertising is to increase the awareness of one's own brand or to increase sales by vividly presenting products with a slogan. Poster advertising belongs to the most important form of outdoor advertising. Of course, you can also advertise for apprentices and have them put up in well-frequented places for young people. 

It will be especially great if you also make the photography itself...

car lettering


The moving advertisement


New design possibilities enrich this outdoor advertising. Powerful cutting plotters and aging-resistant films in all imaginable colors have only been available for a few decades. They allow individual vehicle lettering without great expense and permit even the smallest runs of advertising stickers.

The flexible plastic films do not damage the vehicle and can be removed or replaced without leaving any residue if necessary. The options for use are almost unlimited. The design of an advertisement in a 3D view visulizes the final product in advance. 

kopf cinema abgabe3.jpg



Model and visualize with Cinema 4d


Cinema 4D is a 3D graphics software for creating 3D models, textures, computer graphics and animations. With the help of countless textures and materials you can visualize your product with true light effects and reflections. This skull, for example, I first modeled in Cinema 4D, then I gave it a materiial and placed it in an environment and rendered it. 

3D Drawing


Rhinoceros 3D, is a software for computer-aided 3D modeling and designing an object. 


Rhino has revolutionized technical drawing. Rhino can create curves, surfaces and solids. With Rhino you can edit, analyze, document, render and animate objects. There are no limits to complexity, degree or size. You can also CNC mill, cast, 3D print and much more. 

Bildschirmfoto 2021-07-02 um 13.55.53.png

For questions, orders or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me !

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