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a circle of color in collaborration with SOPHIE SMALLHORN from LONDON


Sophie Smallhorns is a London-based artist and graphic designer. Her work explores the relationship between color, volume and proportion in a variety of media including sculpture, printmaking and installation.

She was involved in the creation of the Olympic Stadium in London in 2012 and did the color composition of the outdoor installation of the stadium. 

Circle on a Wall is one of your famous color circles. It was created in an inner courtyard in the city center in Basel, in a particularly child-friendly neighborhood. This CIRCLE brings the courtyard and the playground in harmony. I executed this commission in 2011 in collaboration with Sophie. She determined the colors and I painted everything on the wall. This circle has a diameter of 8.5 meters. 

Circle 4.jpg

a circle consists of an infinite number of small

straight  lines

logo circle on a wall.png
Circle 6.jpg

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