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On the occasion of the 60th anniversary of the monument preservation Grisons I was allowed to carry out an order for them. They wanted a table on which various historical buildings from the Grisons were depicted. 

Since 1960, the cantonal office for the preservation of historical monuments in the Grisons has been taking care of the cultural heritage of the Grisons. I was given the task of designing an exhibition table that was exhibited at the Monumento in Salzburg and subsequently at various locations in the canton for a year.

To protect it from damage, MDF boards were used in the lowest section. The 6 cm thick cardboard panels that follow represent antiquity, robustness and fragility all in one. In the uppermost area, a 3D relief of the canton of Graubünden has been truthfully CNC milled. The alternating structure of the plywood panels represent the altitude curves of the Alpine region. The historical houses have been exactly reproduced on a smaller scale. Finally, I recreated all the ornaments and decorations of the houses with a laser. 


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